Protects and restores fields, forests and natural habitats along the Lower St. Croix River
Standing Cedars


The forests, fields, and bluff lands along the Lower St. Croix River are vibrant and beautiful natural areas.
Three ecosystems converge here: Northern Boreal Forest, Eastern Hardwood, and Tall Grass Prairie .

Generations have cherished the Lower St. Croix landscape. As urban centers grow, land along the St. Croix is at risk for development that could destroy precious habitat and change the character of the land forever.

Standing Cedars Community Land Conservancy is a nonprofit organization led by diverse group of St. Croix Valley residents. We are rooted in the community, and committed to protecting land for the people, as well as the environment, of the Lower St. Croix River Valley.

The incredible quality of the Lower St. Croix uplands and the urgent need to protect the land before it is lost to development have generated strong support from government programs, private foundations and individual donors. But to be truly effective, we must do more.

You can help Standing Cedars by making a tax-deductible contribution. Please contact us for information on membership or other giving opportunities. But while you're here, browse our web site to learn more about us and the land we are protecting. Come and take a hike on the properties and see for yourself their beauty. By doing so, we think you'll recognize the value that protecting these lands offers us and our children

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