Standing Cedars
Protects and restores fields, forests and natural habitats along the Lower St. Croix River
Buffalo Skull

Buffalo Skull is owned in fee (currently) by Philadelphia Community Farm who, for consideration, has donated conservation and management easements to Standing Cedars and WDNR.

The North and West boundaries are bordered by National Park Service lands. Land to the East and South is held privately. The property is dissected roughly in half N/S by a township road- 55th Ave or AKA Drawbridge Rd.  The National Park Service holds scenic easements on roughly 45 acres of the site along the Western edge

This site consists of approximately 60% wooded land indicative of overgrown oak savanna and woodlands with pockets of maple basswood forests. 30% of the property is old-field, (former farmland) with encroaching woody vegetation. 10% is comprised of very nice dry prairie. The dry prairie, approx 22 acres, had been farmed in the distant past, but due to sandy/rocky soils and nearby seed sources, has reverted back into native species with a surprisingly diverse species list that includes besseya bullii- aka Kittentails. Property located North of 55th Avenue contains some of the most readily identifiable, accessible and manageable oak savanna on the property.

One of the unique features of this site is a naturally occurring spring (Buttermilk creek) which emanates from rock outcroppings in a ravine and forms a .6 mile stream joined by water from other small streams before flowing over a 40 foot fall and eventually entering the St. Croix river. This stream cuts through the NE corner of the property and continues through a 20-acre parcel owned by the NPS.

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