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Protects and restores fields, forests and natural habitats along the Lower St. Croix River
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Land in Conservancy

We have protected more than 1,500 acres, including some of the highest quality natural areas along the St. Croix River. Standing Cedars uses various tools to protect land. Some is purchased outright while other properties are protected through conservation easements. Easements allow landowners to maintain ownership of their land but permanently limits current and future development.

The 90-acre property at Tewksbury offers beautiful views of the St. Croix River. Many wonderful prairie plants grow here, including leadplant, purple prairie clover, grama grass and pasque flowers. As you hike through this site, look for the quarry remnants, old stone foundations and cellars, and clumps of lilac and iris, bearing testimony to the early settlers who tried to farm this sandy, rocky piece of land.  Oak savanna follows the ridge between the upper and lower fields. Old growth forest can be found at the north end, in the ravine.
Numerous springs on the adjacent National Park Service land are also of interest 
Address for parking lot: 645 Ridge Rd. Osceola, WI 54020 

Buffalo Skull
There are many interesting areas to explore on this 245-acre property, including dry cliffs, oak savanna, a moist ravine, maple/basswood forest, and former farm fields.  A 25-acre pasture on the north side of the property that is full of prairie plants. Standing Cedars has removed many of the cedar trees that had been taking over this area and has been burning and mowing to setback the sumac, prickly ash and other invasive plants. 

The parking lot is at: 2849 55th Ave. Osceola, WI 54020

This 1,100 acre area of deep, wooded ravines, rare native prairie, floodplain forest and wetlands was the largest single undeveloped parcel of land on the Lower St. Croix River when it was purchased by Standing Cedars in 1995. Home to a large stand of endangered kittentails, the land has been studied by naturalists who consider it to have potential as a "ark" to preserve rapidly-diminishing prairie species. Specific areas to visit are included below:

The old Engelwood Ski Area, which was in operation during the 1950s and 60s, is a great place to hike. Located on the southern portion of the property, you can still see many of the old ski runs (look for the remains of the rope tows). The views from the tops of these hills are spectacular. A path cuts through the old ski area to the river.

There is an interesting spring just to the south of the path along the river - the water bubbles up through the sand.

Just north of the ski area, at the eastern edge of the property, is a hillside prairie that contains a remarkable variety of prairie plants and grasses.

In the maple Basswood ecosystem at the north end of the property there is a former road that now serves as a trail toward the river. This is a fun trail for cross-country skiing with beautiful views of the St. Croix Valley.

A parking lot with information kiosk is located at 215 280th St. Osceola, WI 54020. A secondary lot is at: 189 280th St.


Brown is Standing Cedars newest stand-alone property. A parking lot is located at: 2474 65th Ave. Osceola, WI 54020

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