Standing Cedars
Protects and restores fields, forests and natural habitats along the Lower St. Croix River

This 50-acre parcel is owned in fee by Standing Cedars. The Western boundaries are bordered by National Park Service lands. Land to the East and South is held privately with a conservation easement on lands directly adjacent to the SE.

This parcel of land is mainly linear running a ridgeline from NE to SW with cropland on the East and NPS lands of similar composition to the West. A former homestead is located about midway through the property and currently only the stone foundation and a few domestic shrubs and flowers remain.

This site is comprised primarily of overgrown former oak savanna 50% and old-field conditions 50%. Red cedar, prickly ash and Boxelder are the main species present, with an over-story consisting mainly of large scattered white and bur oaks. Small cliffs and rock outcropping is prevalent on the Northern portions. An area of roughly 6.5 has been converted to a native mix of prairie.

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